Haptics in Public

We were planning to have a very special event to make haptic demos accessible to a broader public just right after the conference at the 26th of May. However after months of work on this topic and an approach/alignment with 21 locations in Hamburg I – Thorsten Kern – have to admit that I did not find a suitable location to bring our demos to a wide audience. Of course there are places, but only for people anyway interested in technology. I was not able to find a place to display our research to a general public.

I can tell endless stories about my discussions with authorities, stake-holders of locations, negotiations and plans in several rounds before and after Covid regulations, inside and outside, commercial and public, fire-concerns, emergency-exit route plannings and more. In the end I have to confirm that despite all efforts and endless hours I was not able to make it.

I have to excuse myself to the haptic community. I learned a lot, but this target was not achieved.

With regards

Thorsten A. Kern