We solicit proposals for half day workshops that will take place on Sunday, May 22, between 12:00 and 16:00. Please send your workshop proposal directly to our Workshops Chair Ilany Nisky by March 5th, 2022.

We especially encourage proposals on emerging topics in haptics, new challenges, and ideas from communities that typically do not attend haptics conferences. You are encouraged to balance invited and contributed content, and we can support the workshop with a space for posters or demos for increasing interaction between participants.

We will make decisions based on (i) the topic of the proposed workshop, (ii) the event’s format and likelihood of creating an engaging intellectual environment, and (iii) the inclusiveness of the event to people with different backgrounds and expertise.

Submitted proposals should include the following information.

  1. Title. Provide a title for your event.
  2. Organizers. Provide an affiliation, address, email address, and URL for each organizer. Indicate which organizer will be the primary contact person. All correspondence will be sent to this person, who will be expected to respond promptly.
  3. URL. Please provide a URL to a live website with information about the proposed workshop or tutorial. The link should be included in the proposal.
  4. Abstract. Please provide a short paragraph describing the proposed event. This paragraph will be used to advertise the event on the EuroHaptics 2022 website.
  5. Content. Describe your event in detail and how you will ensure the highest quality content such that attendees get the most out of the expected exchanges of ideas. The proposed workshop will be evaluated in terms of both its scientific quality and its potential to engage participants with a diversity of thought and background. We encourage you to think outside the box. Please include the following components:
    1. A brief description of the relevance of the workshop/tutorial topic and its expected impact, why contributed content will reflect the state of the art, and how the proposed event will expand the originality and diversity of EuroHaptics 2022.
    2. A description of the format of the workshop (e.g., presentations, panels, interactive activities) and how it will encourage discussion and participation. Highlight any novel aspects of the format and explicitly state whether people who are unable to travel to the conference will be able to participate, and how (e.g. Zoom session streaming talks + Q&A, etc.). Note that the event should ideally provide a venue for young researchers to interact with senior researchers.
    3. A tentative schedule and, if the workshop/tutorial includes invited speakers, a list of confirmed speakers and a description of your efforts to include speakers from a diversity of demographics, geographic locations, and career stages.
  6. Plan to solicit participation. Please describe how you plan to solicit participation in your event if it is accepted. How do you plan to attract researchers with relevant expertise to attend the event?
  7. Plan to encourage interaction among participants. Describe what steps you will take to encourage interaction among participants. Workshops promote informal discussion of an active research area. How do you plan to promote active discussion between established experts and early-career researchers beyond invited talks and a poster session? Workshop that have the potential to increase the number and diversity of participants, encourage participants to stay for the full duration of the event, and promote interaction are highly encouraged.
  8. (Optional) Equipment. A computer projector, screen, and poster stands will be provided. Please provide an estimate of how many poster stands, if any, will be needed for the event. List any other required equipment that the EuroHaptics 2022 organizers might be able to provide.