Presenting & Submissions

The EuroHaptics conference is a major international conference on haptic science and technology and the primary European meeting for researchers in the field. Sponsored by the EuroHaptics Society, the conference is an interdisciplinary forum for presenting the latest research on haptic perception, technology, and applications, networking with haptic researchers from academia and industry, and inspiring new collaborations and initiatives.

EuroHaptics 2022 will be held between May 22-27 in Hamburg, Germany. The conference offers an exciting program including technical papers in oral and poster sessions, work-in-progress sessions, interactive demonstrations, workshops and tutorials, and industrial exhibits. New this year, we are introducing the “PhD Lectures”. It is a one-day educational event where students and early career researchers can learn about the core topics in the field from senior researchers in the field.

If you want to submit a paper, your paper should reflect the advice provided in the Author’s guidelines from the Editorial Board. You should use the Latex or word template for your paper. The full paper was to be submitted by the 12th of December 2021. Work-in-progress (WIP) or Demo-Submission are due for the 5th of March 2022. You can find all important dates on the website. After receiving your paper, we will send you a confirmation email. Also, after reviewing your paper, you will receive reviewers’ comments, and the final version of your paper should reflect this advice from the Editorial Board. Please note that your paper can still be rejected if some critical issues are found in the final version. Also, we keep these comments for you through the OCS system at For more information about using the OSC system, you can use this link:

As mentioned in the Authors‘ guideline, all full papers should not be longer than 8 pages (including references), and short papers (demos/WIPs/…) should be a maximum of 3 pages (including references).

Moreover, we need the signed copyright form for your paper. You can submit all documents through submit link.

Note 1: Please make sure that you use the correct template for your paper. There will be a format check on all final camera-ready submissions. 

Note 2: It is very important to update the abstract and make any final changes to the title, author list/affiliation on the submission website before uploading the final version. 

Note 3: If your paper has multiple authors, please check to add all authors. This is the only way to ensure that the conference’s final program will have updated information. 

Note 4: At least one author of the paper must register for the conference. Otherwise, the paper will be pulled from the final program.

We invite original contributions in all areas of haptics, including:

  • Haptic interface design and control
  • Tactile devices
  • Kinesthetic devices
  • Wearables
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Haptic rendering and modeling
  • Shared control and collaboration
  • Robotic manipulation
  • Human haptic perception
  • Haptics in multisensory perception  
  • Neuroscience of touch
  • Haptic illusions
  • Human sensorimotor control and learning
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Haptic design tools
  • Haptics in VR/AR and multimodal systems
  • Physical human-robot interaction
  • Haptic communication systems
  • Haptic navigation system
  • Affective haptics
  • Applications of haptics in health, design and art, and other relevant areas

Types of contributions:
All submissions are peer reviewed for quality and relevance.

Technical papers (8 pages including references): Accepted papers will be presented at the conference in oral or poster formats. All accepted papers are published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer. The proceedings will be open access

Work-in-progress papers (WIP) (Up to 3 pages including references): Accepted contributions are published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer in the open access form. The short format of this submission category allows the authors to further extend their work in the future and publish it in other venues.

Hands-on demonstrations: This submission category provides an exciting opportunity to experience the latest developments in haptic technology and interactions. Short proposals for hands-on demonstrations will be reviewed for relevance and quality. Hands-on demonstrations can be part of any paper category above, but can also be submitted independently. Feel free to get in contact with our Demo Chair William Frier upfront. Demonstrations will be displayed at one of the conference days during a demo session.

Workshops and tutorials: Workshops and tutorials enable close interactions and discussion on active and emerging research topics in academia and industry. Good proposals for workshops and tutorials will be accepted and published at any point in time. The latest submission date is noted below (05.03.2022). Please get in contact with Ilana Nisky for your proposals.

Exhibits: Companies are invited to engage with the community by displaying products and services that relate to the field of haptics. Exhibits are displayed on-site during the complete conference. Please get in contact with our sponsor chairs.

Submission deadlines

Technical papers for oral presentations or poster sessions: 12.12.2021
Work-in-progress papers: 05.03.2022
Hands-on demonstrations latest by: 05.03.2022*
Proposals for workshops and tutorials latest by: 05.03.2022*

* a submission for demos & workshops can be done at any point in time to the corresponding chairs.

To learn about sponsorship opportunities, please visit and/or contact