Posters Sessions

Poster presentations enable direct discussions and interaction between presenters and the conference attendees. Technical posters (TechPosters) are selected from the full papers submitted to EuroHaptics 2022 as well as volunteered full papers from Haptics Symposium 2022. Work-in-progress (WIP) posters are accepted contributions in the WIP submission category. For details of the poster presentation format, presenters can refer to Presentation Instructions.

Poster Session: TechPosters 1

Date: Monday – Session 1
Perception of electrostatic friction stimuli in free surface exploration Video Link
Yongjae Yoo, Jongho Lim, Hanseul Cho, and Seungmoon Choi
Room 01-02 – Poster 1A
Mechanisms of friction reduction in longitudinal ultrasonic surface haptic devices with non-collinear vibrations and finger displacement Video Link
Diana Angelica Torres, Eric Vezzoli, Betty Lemaire-Semail, Michael Adams, Christophe Giraud-Audine, Frederic Giraud and Michel Amberg
Room 01-02 – Poster 1B
How haptics induce social behavior: an exploratory study of public goods games with tactile sharing on the internet using a behavioral economics approach Video Link
Daisuke Takeuchi, Keigo Inukai, Masaki Suyama, Nao Manabe, Taku Tanichi, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Junji Watanabe, Aiko Murata, Kouta Minamizawa
Room 03 – Poster 3A
Tactile pictograms displayed on pin array tablets for blind children Video Link
C. Mascle, C. Jouffrais, G. Kaminski, F. Bara
Room 08 – Poster 8A
A novel pulley-based simulator for ureteroscopy with visuo-haptic feedback Video Link
Jonathan Madera, Craig Peters MD, Ann Majewicz Fey PhD
Room 08 – Poster 8B
Haptic discrimination of different types of soft materials Video Link
Müge Cavdan, Katja Doerschner, Knut Drewing
Room 01-02 – Poster 2A
Sound pressure field reconstruction for ultrasound phased array by linear synthesis scheme optimization Video Link
Jianyu Chen, Shun Suzuki, Tao Morisaki, Yutaro Toide, Masahiro Fujiwara, Yasutoshi Makino, Hiroyuki Shinoda
Room 01-02 – Poster 2B
A comparison of haptic and auditory feedback as a warning signal for slip in tele-operation scenarios Video Link
Femke van Beek, Quinten Bisschop, Kaj Gijsbertse, Pieter de Vries, Irene Kuling
Room 03 – Poster 3B
Expanding dynamic range of electrical stimulation using anesthetic cream Video Link
Takumi Hamazaki, Taiga Saito, Seitaro Kaneko, Hiroyuki Kajimoto
Room 03 – Poster 3C
Perception of spatialized vibrotactile impacts in a hand-held tangible for virtual reality Video Link
Pierre-Antoine Cabaret, Thomas Howard, Claudio Pacchierotti, Marie Babel, Maud Marchal
Room 08 – Poster 8C

Poster Session: WIP 1

Date: Monday – Session 1
Is tactile shape coding invariant against small location shifts on the skin? Video Link
Scinob Kuroki, Shin’ya Nishida
Room 05 – Poster 5A
Fashion touch. surface haptics in fashion e-commerce Video Link
Michela Ornati
Room 05 – Poster 5B
Use of multiple frequencies of ultrasound in midair haptic stimulation Video Link
Saya Mizutani, Shun Suzuki, Atsushi Matsubayashi, Tao Morisaki, Yutaro Toide, Masahiro Fujiwara, Yasutoshi Makino, Hiroyuki Shinoda
Room 05 – Poster 5C
Mid-air haptic biosignal transfer Video Link
Daria Hemmerling, Maciej Stroinski, Kamil Kwarciak, Maciej Szymkowski, William Frier, Orestis Georgiou, Mykola Maksymenko
Room 05 – Poster 5D
Safe movement for the blind using localised haptic stimulation Video Link
Jaafar Rammal, Robert Spence
Room 05 – Poster 5E
Sit-by-me: a multi-sensory feedback bench for social impromptu interactions Video Link
Keyu Wang, Yun Suen Pai, Kouta Minamizawa
Room 05 – Poster 5F
Fingertip friction and tactile rating of wrapping papers Video Link
Kim Michèle Jost, Knut Drewing, Roland Bennewitz
Room 05 – Poster 5G
Using digital image correlation to quantify the effects of thin films on skin deformation Video Link
Anika Kao, Gregory Gerling
Room 05 – Poster 5H
Thermal sensation display controlling the thermal conductivity of a surface Video Link
Johan Gonzalez, Norihisa Miki
Room 05 – Poster 5I
A psychological and behavioral study on remote audio-visual-tactile communication system with pressure stimulation Video Link
Mayuko Ito, Takumi Kuhara, Takuto Matsuhashi, Chihiro Hosoda, Keigo Inukai, Junji Watanabe, Kouta Minamizawa, Yoshihiro Tanaka
Room 05 – Poster 5J
Embedded 3d printing: a cost-effective development platform for tactile sensors Video Link
Sonja Groß, Silija Breimann, Sascha Schwarz, Amartya Ganguly, Sami Haddadin
Room 06 – Poster 6A
Between-tactor display using dynamic tactile stimuli Video Link
Ryo Eguchi, David Vacek, Cole Godzinski, Silvia Curry, Max Evans, Allison Okamura
Room 06 – Poster 6B
Human-to-human caresses recordings for tactile apparent motion Video Link
Basil Duvernoy, Sarah McIntyre
Room 06 – Poster 6C
Distinguishable virtual haptic textures to understand multisensory sensation Video Link
jenna fradin, David Gueorguiev
Room 06 – Poster 6D
Investigating haptic feedback and arousal for motor skill training in virtual reality Video Link
Unnikrishnan Radhakrishnan, Konstantinos Koumaditis, Francesco Chinello
Room 07 – Poster 7A
Electrotactile patterns for single finger interactions in vr Video Link
Sebastian Vizcay, PANAGIOTIS KOURTESIS, Ferran Argelaguet Sanz, Claudio Pacchierotti, Maud Marchal
Room 07 – Poster 7B
Simulating the influence of surface hardness on the contact area formation for dry and moist finger skin contacts. Video Link
Michael Griesser, Thomas Ules, Christian Schipfer, Peter Fuchs, Dieter Gruber
Room 07 – Poster 7C

Poster Session: TechPosters 2

Date: Tuesday – Session 2
Wearable cutaneous device for applying position/location hapticfeedback in navigation applications Video Link
Lisheng Kuang, Marco Aggravi, Paolo Robuffo Giordano, Claudio Pacchierotti
Room 01-02 – Poster 2C
Optimization-driven design of a kinesthetic haptic interface with human-like capabilities Video Link
Michael Fennel, Antonio Zea, Uwe D. Hanebeck
Room 01-02 – Poster 2D
Vibration-based communication for deafblind people Video Link
Kutner, David C. ; Hadžidedić, Sunčica
Room 03 – Poster 3D
Investigating upper limb perceptual asymmetries for unconstrained active exploration of stiffness cues Video Link
Mohit Singhala, Jeremy Brown
Room 08 – Poster 8D
Haptic feedback for wrist angle adjustment Video Link
Michiel den Daas, Femke van Beek, Irene Kuling
Room 01-02 – Poster 2E
Estimation of frictional force using the thermal images of target surface during stroking Video Link
Mitsuhiko Shimomura, Masahio Fujiwara, Yasutoshi Makino, Hiroyuki Shinoda
Room 01-02 – Poster 2F
Whole-hand haptics for mid-air buttons Video Link
Martin Maunsbach, Kasper Hornbæk, Hasti Seifi
Room 01-02 – Poster 2G
A preliminary study on the perceptual independence between vibrotactile and thermal senses Video Link
Jaejun Park, Jeongwoo Kim, Chaeyong Park, Seungjae Oh, Junseok Park, Seungmoon Choi
Room 03 – Poster 3E
Pilot study on presenting pulling sensation by electro-tactile stimulation Video Link
Shota Nakayama, Mitsuki Manabe, Keigo Ushiyama, Masahiro Miyakami, Akifumi Takahashi, Hiroyuki Kajimoto
Room 03 – Poster 3F
Furekit: wearable tactile music toolkit for children with asd Video Link
Di Qi, Mina Shibasaki, Youichi Kamiyama, Sakiko Tanaka, Bunsuke Kawasaki, Chisa Mitsuhashi, Yun Suen Pai, Kouta Minamizawa
Room 08 – Poster 8E

Poster Session: WIP 2

Date: Tuesday – Session 2
Acoustic finger force observation in a longitudinal ultrasonic surface haptic device and its relation to friction Video Link
Diana Angelica Torres Guzman, anis KACI, Betty Lemaire-Semail, Christophe Giraud-Audine, Frederic Giraud, Michel Amberg
Room 07 – Poster 7A
Instrumented object for finger pad imaging during active manipulation Video Link
David Córdova Bulens, Benoit Delhaye, Philippe Lefevre, Stephen J. Redmond
Room 05 – Poster 5A
Finger pad deformation under torsion Video Link
Sophie du Bois, David Córdova Bulens, Philippe Lefèvre, Stephen J. Redmond, Benoit P. Delhaye
Room 05 – Poster 5B
Exospine: artificial muscle-driven spine for posture correction Video Link
Yutong Xie, Yun Suen Pai, Kouta Minamizawa
Room 05 – Poster 5C
Haptic shape discrimination is independent of weight Video Link
Jessica Dukes, Sarah Kiendl, Jutta Billino
Room 05 – Poster 5D
Tactile friction of uv-curable coatings and its relation to surface hardness. Video Link
Thomas Ules, Michael Griesser, Sandra Schlögl, Dieter Gruber
Room 05 – Poster 5E
Engineering haptic devices 3rd edition in 2022 in open-access Video Link
Thorsten A. Kern, Alireza Abbasimoshaei
Room 05 – Poster 5F
Wearable haptic device for individuals with congenital absence of proprioception Video Link
Sreela Kodali, Allison Okamura, Thomas Bulea, Alexander Chesler, Carsten Bönnemann
Room 05 – Poster 5G
Sense of agency over hands-free gestural control is modulated by the timing of haptic feedback Video Link
Calvin Deans-Browne, Antonio Cataldo, William FRIER, Hannah Limerick, David Beattie, Patrick Haggard
Room 05 – Poster 5H
Presenting sliding sensation by electro-tactile stimulation Video Link
Shota Nakayama, Seitaro Kaneko, Mitsuki Manabe, Keigo Ushiyama, Masahiro Miyakami, Akifumi Takahashi, Hiroyuki Kajimoto
Room 05 – Poster 5I
Measuring oddball responses to vibrotactile textures Video Link
Giulia Esposito, Sylvie Nozaradan, Olivier Collignon, André Mouraux
Room 05 – Poster 5J
A scalable haptic circuit for multi-digit grasps Video Link
Cristian Axinte, Ciprian Stamate, Robert Gabriel Lupu, Alexandru Barleanu, Georgiana Juravle
Room 06 – Poster 6A
Exploiting a wearable extra-finger for haptic applications Video Link
Mihai Dragusanu, Zubair Iqbal, Domenico Prattichizzo, Monica Malvezzi
Room 06 – Poster 6B
Ultrasonic friction modulation modifies the area of contact, not the shear strength Video Link
Nicolas Huloux, Laurence WILLEMET, Michaël Wiertlewski
Room 06 – Poster 6C
Evaluation of an immersive virtual paleontology application Video Link
Lucas Rodrigues, Stefan Zachow, Johann Habakuk Israel, John Nyakatura
Room 06 – Poster 6D
The role of the visuo-tactile congruence between the size of a collider and virtual contents in the interactions with virtual objects. Video Link
Matteo Girondini, Monica Clerici, Massimo Montanaro, Alberto Gallace
Room 07 – Poster 7B
Design of robot end-effector to be used in studying actuator-performance for vibrotactile perception in a telemanipulation setup Video Link
Fady Youssef, Maximilian Becker, Thorsten A. Kern
Room 07 – Poster 7C

Poster Session: TechPosters 3

Date: Wednesday – Session 3
Using digital image correlation to quantify skin deformation with von frey monofilaments Video Link
Anika Kao, Chang Xu, Gregory Gerling
Room 01-02 – Poster 2H
Automated quality assessment for compressed vibrotactile signals using multi-method assessment fusion Video Link
Andreas Noll, Markus Hofbauer, Evelyn Muschter, Shu-Chen Li, Eckehard Steinbach
Room 01-02 – Poster 2I
Effect of voltage driver on uncoupled stability and fidelity of kinesthetic haptic systems Video Link
Leonam Pecly and Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad
Room 01-02 – Poster 2J
Lrair: non-contact haptics using synthetic jets Video Link
Craig Shultz, Chris Harrison
Room 03 – Poster 3G
Subtle contact nuances in the delivery of human-to-human touch distinguish emotional sentiment Video Link
Shan Xu, Chang Xu, Sarah McIntyre, Håkan Olausson, Gregory J. Gerling
Room 05 – Poster 5J
Haptic guidance for teleoperation: optimizing performance and user experience Video Link
Leonie Becker, Bernhard Weber, Nicolai Bechtel
Room 08 – Poster 8F
Investigating movement-related tactile suppression using commercial vr controllers Video Link
Immo Schütz, Meaghan McManus, Katja Fiehler, Dimitris Voudouris
Room 01-02 – Poster 2K
Guidance for the design of vibrotactile patterns for use on the human back Video Link
Astrid Kappers, Myrthe Plaisier
Room 01-02 – Poster 2L
Experiencing touch by technology Video Link
Judith Weda, Dasha Kolesnyk, Angelika Mader, Jan van Erp
Room 03 – Poster 3I
Perceiving sequences and layouts through touch Video Link
Richa Gupta
Room 03 – Poster 3J
Human self-touch vs other-touch resolved by machine learning Video Link
Aruna Ramasamy, Damien Faux, Vincent Hayward, Malika Auvray, Xavier Job, Louise Kirsch
Room 08 – Poster 8G

Poster Session: WIP 3

Date: Wednesday – Session 3
Vibrotactile stimuli are perceived more intense at the front than at the back of the torso Video Link
Bora Celebi, Müge Cavdan, Knut Drewing
Room 05 – Poster 5A
Remote high five: bidirectional transmission system for video, audio, and vibrotactile information applied for communication of athletes with family; a case study Video Link
Kakagu Komazaki, Junji Watanabe
Room 05 – Poster 5B
Rolling handle for hand motion guidance and teleoperation Video Link
Lisheng Kuang, Maud Marchal, Paolo Robuffo Giordano, Claudio Pacchierotti
Room 05 – Poster 5C
deixis without sight: use of spatial demonstratives in the absence of vision Video Link
Gozdem Arikan, Kenny R Coventry
Room 05 – Poster 5D
The influence of aging on perceptual grouping in haptic search Video Link
Krista Overvliet
Room 05 – Poster 5E
A small scale optical 3d displacement tactile sensor Video Link
Olivia Leslie, Pablo Martinez Ulloa, David Córdova Bulens, Stephen J. Redmond
Room 05 – Poster 5F
Uncoupled stability dynamic range for kelvin-voigt and hunt-crossley virtual environments Video Link
Seanna Oliver, Leonam Pecly, Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad
Room 05 – Poster 5G
Impedance control and remote operation of robotic wrist therapy systems Video Link
Alireza Abbasimoshaei, Jose Pedro Kitajima Borges, Thorsten A. Kern
Room 05 – Poster 5H
Instrumented force and optical point tracking to measure manual brushing in pleasant touch Video Link
J. Michael Bertsch, Zackary Landsman, Gregory Gerling
Room 05 – Poster 5I
Developing a vr training environment for fingers rehabilitation with haptic feedback Video Link
Alireza Abbasimoshaei, Ahmed Aly, Thorsten A. Kern
Room 03 – Poster 3H
Pseudo forces from asymmetric vibrations can modulate movement velocity Video Link
Nihar Sabnis, Eline van der Kruk, David Abbink, Michaël Wiertlewski
Room 06 – Poster 6A
Imaging sub-surface skin strain patterns duringfingertip sliding Video Link
Giulia Corniani, Zing Lee, Matt J. Carré, Roger Lewis, Benoit P. Delhaye, Hannes P. Saal
Room 06 – Poster 6B
Mapping of vibrotactile stimuli into a perceptual space Video Link
Rubén Rodriguez, Santiago Cuevas, Jose Lobera, Damián Hernández Lahme, Juan José Zárate, Ines Samengo
Room 06 – Poster 6C
Feasibility of smartphone vibrations as a sensory diagnostic tool Video Link
Rachel Adenekan, Alexis Lowber, Bryce Huerta, Allison Okamura, Kyle Yoshida, Cara Nunez
Room 06 – Poster 6D
Perception of guitar strings on a flat visuo-tactile display Video Link
Baptiste ROHOU, Malika Auvray, Jean-Loïc Le Carrou, David Gueorguiev
Room 07 – Poster 7A
Precision grip discrimination of object thickness Video Link
Alastair Loutit, Siddhartha Pande, Naqash Afzal, Pouya Abdollahzadeh, Richard Vickery, Ingvars Birznieks
Room 07 – Poster 7B
Design and implementation of a cartesian impedance control in a bilateral telemanipulation system using ur10e robots Video Link
Ali Hammoud, Fady Youssef, Thorsten A. Kern
Room 07 – Poster 7C