Presentation Instructions

All the authors should have received an email indicating the presentation category for their contributions. Presenters can check the instructions for their corresponding presentation category below.

Oral Presentations

For each full paper in this category, the authors have 15 minutes (12 minutes presentation + 2 min QA +1 min change of speaker) to present their work in person at the conference. We have exactly 15 minutes allocated for each talk, and we will keep strictly to this schedule.

The native resolution of the projector in the lecture hall is 1280×800 and a 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended for the presentations. All presentations will be delivered from the speaker’s own laptop computer to ensure the correct appearance of the slides. Please bring any required video adapters. Both HDMI and VGA connections will be available, as well as audio output. Presenters should check the connection with the conference projection system during a break before the session in which they are presenting, making sure all videos play on the screen. Please refer to the conference program to find the timeslot for your presentation.

We ask that all presenters arrive for their session at least ten minutes before it begins, check in with the session chairs, and sit near the front of the room to facilitate the change between speakers.

Poster Presentations

For the full papers in this category, the authors will present their poster during a 3-4 hour time slot on one of the three main conference days. One of the authors is required to present the poster at the assigned time slot.

The posters should be in A0 size (33.11 x 46.81 in or 84.1 x 118.9 cm) in portrait mode. The poster walls for one poster have a size of 187 cm x 94 cm. The posters can be designed using any format as long as they fit within this allocated space. You are encouraged to include the conference logo you can download below. Authors are responsible for printing their own poster and bringing it to the conference. Suitable poster strips in number and quality will be provided to install the posters on the poster boards.

Important Note: Posters associated with EuroHaptics full papers and Haptics Symposium papers can be visible during the whole conference if the authors choose to do so. The WIP posters must be installed during the hour preceding the WIP poster session and removed at the end of the day to free space for the WIP posters in the following days.

Hands-on Demonstrations

Accepted demonstrations will have a 3-4 hour time slot on one of the three main conference days. Demo presenters should man their stand during the whole duration of their designated demo session. They are also welcome to present during the other two demo sessions if they want. The presenters can set up their demo at any time during the conference.

Each stand will have a table, 2 chairs, and a power extension. Presenters are invited to bring their own extension lead if they require more than 1 plug. They should also bring their own monitor whenever possible. For demonstrations that asked for a special setup or equipment should have received information on the availability of the equipment from the demo chair. For questions, please contact the demo chair (


Do not worry about lunch. Beverages and drinks will be provided at the conference location at no extra costs. As all live presentations will be before and after lunch-time, presenters can handle their breaks flexible.