Travel and public transportation

Public transport in Hamburg:

  • The public transport in Hamburg, the HVV, is working on weekdays 5am to 11pm, in the weekend nights from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday there is 24h service.
  • With the HVV ticket you can use Busses, S-Bahn trains, subway trains and Hadag ferrys within the HVV ring A and B. Many – but not all stations- provide accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Insider tip: With a normal HVV ticket you can use all 7 lines of the HADAG ferrys, especially line 62 is a very scenic journey that will start at Landungsbrücken, then pass the Docks, the fish auction hall, some river beaches and then return to your starting point at Landungsbrücken.
  • Taxi: In Hamburg there are the yellow/eggshell coloured taxis, that you can order by phone or app or just pick off on the street. Please Note, that taxis in Germany are quite expensive.

To use public transport, it is recommended to buy a one week HVV ticket (via app or at the ticket machine), as this is the cheapest option once you travel on at least 4 days. For most accommodations, rings AB are sufficient as you can go from airport (north) to the south of the city and the conference venue.

Travel by car

The A7 leads from southern or northern Germany past Hamburg. Coming from Berlin, take the A24 motorway. From western part of Germany, the A1 leads directly to Hamburg.

Travel by train

Hamburg has four long distance train stations, the Central Train Station, Hamburg Dammtor, Hamburg-Altona and Hamburg-Harburg. All of them are connected to Germany’s ICE network.

Travel by airplane

After your arrival at Hamburg Airport you can use public transport to continue your journey. The airport’s S-Bahn station is located directly under the Airport Plaza. Every 10 minutes, the S1 line leaves for the city centre. The journey time to the central station is only 25 minutes. From there, continue as with “by train”.

Travel by longdistance bus

Longdistance buses arrive at the Central Bus Station (ZOB) in Hamburg. The ZOB is right next to the central train station.

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