Cap San Diego

Conference Dinner The Cap San Diego is the largest, seaworthy museum cargo ship in the world. Launched in 1962, the Cap San Diego has made numerous voyages to the Americas and has been moored as a museum ship at the Überseebrücke since 1989. The Cap San Diego is easy to reach by public transport: from the Baumwall subway station it is about 200m by foot.

How to get to Cap San Diego

To get from the conference venue to Cap San Diego, the venue for the conference dinner, walk approx. 600 m to the nearest S-Bahn station Harburg Rathaus. From Harburg Rathaus take the S31 or S3 to Hamburg HBF ( Central Station). At the central station, follow the yellow U3 signs and take the U3 in the direction of Barmbek for 4 stops to Baumwall (Elbphilharmonie). Leave the station in the direction of Hafenpromenade and follow the promenade to the right (west) until you reach the entrance to Überseebrücke. Walk all the way down the Überseebrücke to the pier. There is a gangway there that you can use to get onto the Cap San Diego.
On the way there will be various volunteers in EuroHaptics T-shirts, please do not hesitate to ask them for directions.

If you took the S3 to Landungsbrücken, you can also get off there and follow the harbour promenade to the left (east) to Überseebrücke and reach the Cap San Diego from the other side.

Cap San Diego
20459 Hamburg